Course Care

Agronomist Richard Hurley’s Report following his visit to LKCC in February 2018.

Click here to view John Neylan’s Greens Inspection Report – September 2013

For your interest, articles attached on Bentgrass by John Neylan “Bent to Breaking Point” and Putting Greens article by Derf Soller “it’s time to set a speed limit”

Lake Karrinyup Course Care Expectations

Our Course Superintendent Fraser Brown and his team do a wonderful job providing a world class golf course for all Lake Karrinyup members to enjoy and to ensure the course is maintained in excellent condition, it is important to understand the correct course care techniques expected when enjoying a round socially or in competition play.

To provide clarity of what is expected, the links below our instructional videos with our Golf Operations team demonstrating correct practices;

The first course care instructional video covers the correct technique for repairing pitch marks on greens. 

Please click here to access our LKCC Pitch Mark Repair Video

The second course care instructional video covers the correct technique of raking our bunkers as well as repairing divots on our fairways.

Please click here to access our LKCC Bunker & Fairway Divot Course Care

It is extremely important that all golfers practice the following course care etiquette while on the course;

  • Repair pitch marks correctly on our greens. It is preferred our recommended single prong divot tool be used for the correct method. This is available and complimentary from our Golf Shop.
  • Please chop in divots made in the General Area as best you can.
  • Please rake all bunkers and place the rake outside the bunker in the appropriately marked position.
  • Motorised Carts are to remain at least 15 metres away from our greens and tees and always be aware of others when operating.
  • Any form of buggy (pull, push or electric) is not permitted on our greens or on the fringes between the green and bunkers.

Inclement Weather

Should there be a need to suspend play due to inclement weather, the siren will sound once. Please remain on the course.

When play is ready to resume, the siren will sound once again.

If play is abandoned, the siren will sound twice.

In the case of lightning, players may cease play without waiting for a siren. Players should take action to take necessary cover and may leave the course to do so.