Mike Cocking’s Course Tips

Bobby Jones once likened a bunker to a car crash where there was always a chance of recovery. A water hazard on the other hand is like a car crash “the result is final.”

It’s an insight into how good players view hazards and here at the third the water hazard sets up one of the most dramatic and frightening shots on the course. Set on a perfect diagonal there is a significant reward for playing close to the edge of the water with a flat stance and shorter second whilst bunkers on the right can catch those who give the water too much space.

With a great drive some may choose to try and get to the green in two but the conservative play is short and left to open up a great angle for a pitch up the green.

Hole Statistics

Black Tee Par 5 507 m 12

Blue Tee Par 5 472 m 12

White Tee Par 5 466 m 12

Red Tee Par 5 424 m 9

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