If you would like to introduce a Member to the Club, or have a friend or family member requesting information, please contact the Membership Coordinator, Miranda Talbot on 9422 8252 or miranda@lkcc.com.au for more information.

Male Membership

The provisional membership category is currently closed for gentlemen with a waiting list, therefore the following temporary alternate options are available:

  • North Course membership
  • Social membership
  • Waiting List

Female Membership

  • Fully elected membership
  • Transitional membership

Transitional membership is designed for those keen to become an elected Member who cannot meet the election criteria.  Acceptance is subject to both Female Members Committee and General Committee approval and will be offered if the candidate has some golfing experience, preferably with an official handicap and a knowledge of the rules and etiquette of golf.  The category would be Transitional or Transitional North Course and is valid for a maximum of two years, with a review after the initial six months.

Transitional Members receive full access to all the Clubhouse facilities including tennis courts, swimming pool and social events, however may have some restrictions on Reciprocal Club access and entry into major events.

Transitional membership requires no Entrance Fee but carries a 25% loading to subscriptions.  The normal house trading requirement applies.  If the Transitional Member wishes to continue her membership beyond 2 years she may ONLY do so by seeking election to membership in the usual way (such application for election to be lodged prior to the expiration of the 2 years).  At this time, an Entrance Fee becomes payable.  Such fee to be charged at the rate applicable at the time of election.

A Proposer can be male or female, Full Playing (or Provisional with Voting Rights) of not less than 3 years’ standing with the Club.  Referees can be in any category of one year or more.  It is important the Proposer accepts full responsibility for the progress of the application, including acting as the conduit between the Candidate and the Club, following through on the timely completion of paperwork by referees and general liaison with the Candidate.

If you would like to introduce a new Member, the Proposer would usually be required to meet briefly with the Acting General Manager, Mark Adams, or our Membership Coordinator, Miranda Talbot, to obtain the Proposal Application Form and be informed or reminded of the obligations in proposing a candidate and updated on the procedure for membership.