(Falco longipennis)

Length:  30-35 cm Uncommon

Also known as Little Falcon, Whitefronted Falcon, Duck Hawk and Black-faced Hawk.

Singly or in pairs, frequenting open and lightly timbered country, also in certain ranges often seen over towns and cities. The flight is characteristically dashing and impetuous. The call is a peevish high-pitched chatter. Their chief prey is small birds caught on the wing and also large insects.

Breeding is variable, usually July to October in the south, April to June in the north. Their nest consists of a large loosely made platform of sticks and twigs without a lining; seldom, if ever, builds its own nest preferring to use the abandoned nests of other birds of prey or raven. Eggs: 3; buff white almost hidden by reddish brown markings.