(Pachycephala Rufiventris)

Length:  15-18 cm Common

The Rufous Whistler is one of Australia’s finest songsters with a far-carrying rich musical song. Found throughout mainland Australia also New Caledonia.

A stocky bird with a large head, short stubby bill and a narrow long tail with a square or slightly forked tip. The male is quite distinctive with its reddish underparts grey head and white throat. A black band runs from bill through eye extending around the upper breast enclosing the white throat. The female and juveniles are grey brown with heavy streaking on the under body.

Found in forests, woodlands and scrublands, also gardens and farmland, where it forages in pairs or alone, but rarely seen on the ground. The diet consists mainly of insects, some seeds and fruit. The Rufous Whistler breeds in monogamous pairs and during the breeding season engages in much displaying and bowing.

The male inspects potential nest sites but it seems the female makes the final decision. The female builds the nest of twigs and grass which are bound and attached to a fork with spider web. Both parents incubate and feed the young. Two broods are sometimes produced in a season.