(Acrocephalus Australis)

Length:  16-17 cm Common

Throughout Australia where there is suitable habitat. The Australian Reed-Warbler is plain olive brown with white underparts tinged golden-orange and has a pale eyebrow. The sexes are similar.

This species is more often heard than seen but will be observed at times climbing among reeds and other water vegetation. Makes short flights across water. Prefers dense vegetation alongside water, especially thick reed beds, as well as crops, bamboo thickets and lantana. It is sedentary in the North, migratory in the South, moving south to breed. Eats insects.

Builds a deep cup nest with a narrow top opening in among dense reeds. It is made from dry reeds and other water plants woven together and lined with dry grass and feathers. The breeding season is September to December. The female incubates the eggs, generally 3 or 4 at a time. The eggs are bluish white or greyish spotted reddish brown and lavender.