(Actitis hypoleucos)


Length:  28-33 cm

The Common Sandpiper is often seen at or near the waters edge on beaches, billabongs and river pools. Its body is rather long, and its legs are short.

The body is brown above, and white below. The bill is dark grey, and the tail projects well beyond the wing tips. When feeding it will pause to bob its head and teeter. When disturbed it will fly low and level close to the water surface. In flight it makes high pitched squeaks.

The Common Sandpiper is a migratory bird which breeds in Eurasia. The female builds the nest. Both sexes share the incubation and care of the young.

The breeding season is May to August, and the clutch size is 3 to 5. Conservation status, a migratory bird that faces threats from loss of feeding habitat and hunting along the East Asian — Australian flyway.

Contributor: John Taylor.