(Malurus splendens)

Length:  12-14 cm Uncommon

The breeding plumage of the male Splendid Fairy-wren is a brilliant incandescent blue. It is widely distributed across southern Australia from dry Acacia scrub to close- canopied woodlands with a dense shrub understorey in Western Australia. It is a sedentary bird that maintains a territory all year round.

Splendid Fairy-wrens live, and breed in small groups. All members assist in territorial, and nest site defence. The female does all the nest building, incubating, and brooding of the young. All members of the group remove the faecal sacs produced by the nestlings, and carry them at least 20 metres before dropping them. If the young are threatened, the adults initiate a distraction display.

It feeds in loose groups on insects in the shrubs. The nest is a loose oval grass ball placed in a bushy shrub. Eggs usually 3. White with red brown spots.