(Hieraatus morphnoides)

Length:  45-55 cm Uncommon

Distribution, inland areas of Australia generally, extending to the coast in the west and northwest and occasionally in eastern Australia and also in New Guinea.

In appearance this species suggests a small wedgetailed eagle. Usually in pairs, frequenting chiefly inland districts; it shows a preference for country intersected by creeks. Usually seen high in slow wheeling flight; performs spectacular courtship display flights. In some districts it survives almost entirely on rabbits; it also feeds on other small mammals and reptiles. The call is a shrill rapid double whistle.

Like many hawks, the species is very variable in plumage with two recognisable colour-phases, light and (more rarely) dark, as well as intermediates. Breeding season is August to November. The nest is large, compact, made of sticks and twigs lined with green leaves; usually high in a leafy tree; occasionally use abandoned nests of other species. Eggs: 1 sometimes 2; bluish white with reddish-brown spots.