(Also known as: “28”)

(Barnadius zonarius)

Length:  34-38 cm Common

The Australian Ringneck is a parrot, native to Australia. There are 4 sub-species one of which is the 28 Parrot. The 28 Parrot is named for its tripled noted call, more mellow than sharply ringing.

It is confined to heavier forests of the southwest of Western Australia, such as the Jarrah and Marri forest. The 28 Parrot is entirely green; has a red front band and of course the yellow “ringneck” hind collar.

The species is gregarious and depending on the conditions can be resident or nomadic. Although the species is endemic it is considered not threatened. However, in Western Australia the 28 Parrot gets locally displaced by the introduced Rainbow Lorikeet that aggressively competes for nesting places.