(Phalacrocorax melanoleucos)

Length:  57 cm Common

Almost any body of water, salt or fresh, large or small, is likely to be frequented by Little Pied Cormorants.

Where food is plentiful, the birds form large flocks. They prey on crustaceans and small fish. After feeding they rest nearby on branches or stumps, preening and standing in the sun with wings spread. Flight is strong and they rise more steeply than other Cormorants.

When courting, a prospective male advertises for a mate by calling from a suitable nest site. In contrast to the wing fluttering of other Cormorants he simply crouches or bows slowly and deeply. If chosen by the female, he gathers sticks and debris for the platform nest she builds. One brood per season. Eggs: usually 4; pale blue or green.