(Falco subniger)

Length:  45-55 cm Uncommon

Also known as Cackling Hawk. Distribution Australia and New Guinea.

Singly or in pairs, frequenting open and lightly timbered country. It is usually seen flying over open spaces or perched on telegraph poles and wires or fences. It feeds upon snakes, grasshoppers and small birds. It catches birds by pouncing on them instead of on the wing. The call is loud and cackling. Brown Falcons are very variable in plumage, ranging from dark to light brown or reddish brown.

Breeding season June to November occasionally later. Their nest consists of a platform made of sticks and twigs; lined with bark fragments; usually the abandoned nest of some other bird of prey or raven. Eggs: 2 to 4; buff usually covered with reddish brown blotches.