(Oxyura australis)

Length:  35-44 cm Common

While often seen and regarded as a local resident, this species has been classified as “vulnerable” in other states.

It is a small duck, low slung in the water and seldom seen on the land. In the breeding season, the male’s beach becomes bright blue, its head black and the back and wings a rich chestnut. It then reverts to dark grey. The female is blackish brown and does not change at breeding. Her bill is scooped (as is the male) and a grey-green colour. She is completely submerged during copulation which follows an elaborate courtship.

Similar species; the females are similar to a female Musk Duck.

This duck, once spotted on the lake adjacent to the third green, received a favourable mention in the weather forecast one Saturday evening (by a former Channel 7 weatherman).