(Nycticorax caledonicus)

Length:  60 cm Moderately Common

The Nankeen Night Heron is a stocky heron with rich cinnamon upper parts, white-buff underparts, a black crown, and yellow legs and feet. The head is large, the neck short (giving a stooped appearance), and the legs relatively short. During breeding the back of the head bears three white nuptial plumes. The bill is dark olivegreen, and the eyes are yellow.

Young birds are heavily spotted and streaked white, brown and orange-brown. As they mature, the black cap of the adult develops first, with the body plumage remaining streaked for some time. The Nankeen Night Heron is also called the Rufous Night Heron.

Primarily feeds at night in shallow water on a wide variety of insects, crustaceans, fish and amphibians. Has been seen in trees above the water hazard at the 15th green. The nest is a loose stick platform over water. Eggs : 2 to 5 light green incubated by both sexes.