Eucalyptus botryoides

Location:  Stand between the 4th fairway and the 5th green

Other locations on course: A solitary tree stands alone behind the 7th green.
Origin & distribution: Coastal eastern Australia from Newcastle to Bairnsdale.
Height: to 40 metres.
Uses: A hard and durable timber, it is used for paneling and flooring.

The tree hybridises in the Sydney region with the Sydney blue gum (Eucalyptus saligna).

It is also closely related to the red mahogany (Eucalyptus resinifera) and red messmate (Eucalyptus obliqua).

This tree lives up to 600 years.   It is salt tolerant.

“The tree of deepest root is found least willing still to quit the ground; ‘twas therefore said by ancient sages, that love of life increased with years so much, that in our latter stages, when pain grows sharp and sickness rages, the greatest love of life appears.” (Hester Lynch Thale)