Eucalyptus erythnocorys

Locations on course: 11th hole left of the fairway bunker, garden behind 7th green, 13th hole near green on the right.
Distribution: Western Australia from Cockleshell Gully to north-east Dongara usually on undulating limestone low rises.
Height: to 10 metres.

A pale yellow to white barked tree of shaggy appearance; it being one of the most striking and spectacular species of the Eudesmia group when it flowers in February to April. It is a favourite ornamental tree in southern Australia.

The term “erythnos” (red) and corys (helmet) refers to the bright red flower cap. When the cap falls off, the flower appears as a mass of bright yellow stamens in clusters of four.

(Source: Kings Park’s Special Trees; Eucalyptus by Brooker and Kleinig)

“A man does not plant a tree for himself, he plants it for prosperity” (Alexander Finch)