Agonis flexuosa

Location:  Between the 2nd fairway and the ladies tee on the 8th hole.

Other locations on course: Widespread plantings have taken place on the course over many years. There is a cluster between the 2nd green and 8th tee.
Origin & distribution: Southwest coastal plain from Perth to Dunsborough.
Height: to 15 metres.
Uses: It is a shade and ornamental tree. Remediation of salt affected areas.

Agonis’ comes from the Greek agon meaning ‘a cluster’ and refers to the arrangement of the fruits.  ‘Flexuosa’ comes from the Latin and means ‘full of bends’.  It refers to the stem which turns at each leaf node.

The Peppermint is a quickly growing tree.

Our late President Bill Coate obtained and planted the variegated Peppermint in the garden bed adjacent to the club entrance.

“They are beautiful in their peace, they are wise in their silence. They will stand after we turn to dust. They teach us and therefore we must tend them.” (Galeain IP Altiem MacDunelmor)