Corymbia ficifolia

Location:  10th hole on the right hand side near the beginning of the fairway

Other locations on course: The 9th hole near the green on the right side.
There is a small group of young trees forward and to the left of the 18th tee.
Origin & distribution: A very small area of south coastal Western Australia to the east of Walpole.
Height: to 8 metres.
Uses: Extensively grown in Australia and overseas as an ornamental tree.

This tree is very similar to marri and it may be difficult to tell them apart.  Both are blood woods of the genus Corymbia.

It seems to be very susceptible to disease (e.g. root canker) when out of its natural environment.

The colours of the flowers may vary from pink to deep red when Corymbia ficifolia is propagated from seed.  Grafting is successful in maintaining the constancy of colour.

“A tree’s a tree. How many more do you need to look at?” (Ronald Reagan)