Casuarina obesa

Location: 18th hole on the right side of the fairway 50 metres short of greenside bunkers

Other locations on course: The 15th hole on the left side of the fairway, 100 metres from the tee.

The 13th hole 70 metres from the green on the left.

Distribution: The Murchison River near Kalbarri to the Swan coastal plain around Perth. It also has a discontinuous distribution in an easterly direction as far as the Gibson Desert.
Height: to 15 metres.
Uses: It is a nitrogen fixing tree. It is also used for wind breaks and commercial sawn timber.

It is an excellent remedial species for salt affected land and is one of Australia’s most salt tolerant trees.

“I have reached illusions end in this grove of falling trees; each leaf a signal of real joy, drifting here within my heart” (Mu Dan)